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The Possible Consequences When Drivers Fail to Notice Motorcyclists

Posted by on Jan 27, 2017

The Possible Consequences When Drivers Fail to Notice Motorcyclists

For motorcycle riders, the odds of sustaining severe injuries or getting killed in an accident are always high due to their lack of protective gears other than the helmet. This lack of protection, in fact, makes motorcycle riders 20 times more likely to die in a crash compared to drivers of cars and other motor vehicles.

Accidents involving motorcycles are either single-bike crashes or multiple-vehicle accidents. A single-bike accident, which is more the common type of accident, involves no other person or vehicle other than the rider and his/her bike. It includes accidents, such as a rider crashing his/her bike to any type of road fixture, such as a concrete barrier or a lamp post, or a rider crashing on asphalt after running on a patch of gravel, sand or leaves on the road. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) points to alcohol use and speeding as the two major causes of single-bike accidents; both factors greatly reduce a riders’ capability to react to emergency road situations on time, as well as make a rider lose control of his/her bike easily.

A multiple-vehicle accident, which may be less common, but deadlier than single-bike accidents, involves another vehicle, like a car, an SUV or a truck. This type of motorcycle accident is usually due to driver distraction, impairment due to alcohol or illegal drug, a driver failing to notice an approaching motorcycle or a driver’s simple refusal to acknowledge and respect a motorcyclist’s right of way.

Head-on collision, rear-end collision and side impact are the deadliest types of multiple-vehicle motorcycle accidents as these can severely injure, disable or kill a rider. Based on NHTSA records, an average of about 4,500 motorcycle riders die every year, while another 90,000 suffer injuries.

As explained by the Mokaram Law Firm, “When a driver fails to exercise reasonable caution in regard to motorcyclists and the additional challenges they face on the road, the result can be calamitous.
Involvement in a motorcycle accident is a serious, life-threatening, and frightening experience. These injuries often involve spinal cord injuries, neck and head trauma, and bone fractures, among other severe damages.”

In an accident, however, it may be very hard for riders to prove that they are simply victims and that it was a motor vehicle driver’s negligence or recklessness that caused the accident that resulted to their injuries. A highly-skilled personal injury lawyer, who is well familiar with conducting investigations that can lead to proofs supporting a prosecutor’s claim, may just be able to render the necessary and needed legal assistance that will enable injured riders to receive compensation (from the liable party) for the damages they were unjustly made to suffer. Thus, it may be a good decision to contact a personal injury lawyer immediately after an accident occurs.

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An Overview of Workers Compensation Claim

Posted by on Jan 9, 2017

When you become sick or get injured while at work, workplace compensation provides coverage for your medical expenses. Aside from health care, workers compensation also covers rehabilitation and wage replacement. It pays for your medical expenses from a wide range of injuries such as broken arm, hearing loss or carpal tunnel syndrome. However, It has to be work-related injuries or attributed to the conditions of your employment.

According to the website of LaMarca Law Group, P.C., getting injured from work may force you to be absent from work for a long time to undergo treatment and recovery. Your personal finances may not be enough to shoulder medical expenses. However, to be eligible for the benefits, you have to file a claim. You must first notify your employer about the injury as soon as possible. It is the responsibility of your employer to file the claim as well.

Workers compensation is governed by the Coming and Going rule. This means that any injury sustained while commuting to and from work is not covered. However, transportation-related injuries can be covered such as running errands for an employer or transporting goods in the course of employment. The amount of compensation is usually one half to two-thirds of normal compensation so you would end up getting an income that is close to your pre-injury level.

Raleigh workers compensation attorneys of Scudder & Hedrick, PLLC will tell you that an independent medical examination will be required when claiming workers compensation. The doctor who performed the examination will report the findings to the insurance company, which will then base their compensation offer from the report. If you are not happy with the package offered to you, you can still make an appeal to the workers compensation board of your state.

Bear in mind that your employer might contest your claim and the result could be a court hearing. Your best defense then will be to produce good documentation which may include medical records of your injury and treatment.

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How Businesses Can Prevent Sexual Harassment?

Posted by on Jan 8, 2017

Sexual harassment in the workplace is rampant nowadays. A recent survey conducted by Cosmopolitan Magazine revealed that 1 in 3 women has experienced sexual harassment at some point in their lives. The website of Cary Kane, LLP revealed that sexual harassment can occur in a variety of circumstances from simple teasing, offhand comments, or isolated incidents of inappropriate behavior. Employers play a crucial role in preventing sexual harassment in the workplace.

A Texas sexual harassment attorney will tell you that harassment does not need to be sexual in nature. Even an offensive remark about a person’s sex is considered harassment. Employers can undertake a number of measures in reducing the risk of sexual harassment in the workplace. Let us take a look at some of these steps:

  • Adopt a clear sexual harassment policy. In your employee handbook, you can include a policy centering on sexual harassment. The policy should clearly define harassment and state that you will not tolerate sexual harassment and that any incidence of such shall be dealt with accordingly. Austin business lawyers can help in the drafting of these policies.
  • Conduct employee training. At least once a year, employers should conduct training sessions to their employees. It should give employees an overview of sexual harassment and should inform employees about their rights to a sexual harassment free workplace
  • Inform employees about their options if they find themselves in a harassment situation. Employees must be informed about what steps can be done if they find themselves becoming a victim of harassment.
  • Monitor emails and other electronic communications to scan for harassing content. Check for emails and other communication that has harassment content
  • Promote a culture where sexual harassment is not welcome or tolerated. Ensure that work-related activities should be professional in nature. Employers should draw a line between off-color jokes and other offensive materials.
  • Have a clear process for investigating harassment complaints. If an employee files a sexual harassment complaint, you should immediately look at it and ensure that such behavior stops.
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