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No Bones About These Injuries

Posted by on Jun 9, 2019

Dogs are man’s best friends for a reason. These furry companions will travel with us to the ends of the Earth for no reason other than a desire to see us happy. Well, they might want some scratches and cuddles along the way, too. But as an owner of dogs can attest, dogs are not completely perfect.

Sure, accidents happen and dogs can frustrate their human pals by being messy. But the incidents I am discussing do not involve picking up waste from your pet. I am discussing the very real and tragically common rate of dog bites in America.

In this post, I will discuss the rate or dog bites in America, injuries that can follow incidents like these, and ways to prevent your dog or a stranger’s dog from biting you:


The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports that anywhere from four to five million dog bites are experienced every year. As you can expect, the rates in incidence differ between men and women. Young men are the most likely to be involved in a dog bite incident, whereas adult women are the least likely to be on the receiving end of canine chompers.


Nobody wants to — or deserves — be bitten by a dog. Especially if the dog is a more combative or dangerous breed (though misconceptions run amok regarding what exactly comprises a list of combative breeds)! Fortunately, few dog bites are fatal or particularly dangerous. The severity and nature of the injuries are largely dependent upon the power of the canine and the location of the bite on the victim’s body.

For example, a dog biting your face as you are leaned over petting is likely to lead to more drastic and noticeable marks and scratches. If a dog bites your face, there may also be a need for facial reconstruction surgery similar to plastic surgery. Eye injuries or bruising is a unique injury to experience, but most of these incidents are healable, thankfully! According to the experts at Hare Wynn, whether it is the eye or another part entirely, make sure to document your injuries and seek legal representation as soon as you can in order to receive coverage for the potentially-expensive health care treatment.

Another injury or type of harm to keep in mind as you reflect on dog bites is the possibility of blood loss. If a dog bites your near an artery or a thick blood vessel, blood loss can happen dramatically. Research the best ways to handle sudden blood loss and keep them in mind, including taking steps like calling the police, tightly bandaging the area, raising injured areas above the heart, and more from a trusted health resource.


The safest thing to do when it comes to dog bite accidents is to not be bitten in the first place. At the end of the day, dogs are animals and impossible to fully control. However, taking steps like not getting near the mouth or face of a dog is a common-sense way to reduce your likelihood of being involved.

Another thing to consider is body language; stay away from anxious-appearing dogs and similarly, make sure to not make dogs nervous with odd behaviors or actions that could trigger their instinctual response of biting to prevent injury.

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