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How do you handle injuries when it’s nearly in your job description?

Posted by on Aug 16, 2017

Construction work is a particularly dangerous job. Not only are you working with heavy equipment and machinery, but you are also often doing so from a great height. This leads to a number of opportunities for mistakes and accidents, particularly if other workers or job site managers are not performing their duties safely. These careless actions can cause serious injuries or, in the worst cases, death. Construction site accidents are unfortunately common all across the United States, and they result in significant physical and financial losses for many construction workers.

In the Dallas/Fort Worth area particularly, there is a large amount of construction work that is happening year round. Although regulations are in place to help prevent serious injuries on these work sites, accidents still happen that have devastating results. Dallas news center CBS has reported on two accidents that occurred in the past two years, bringing light to the dangerous situations many construction workers face. In May of 2015, a fatal accident occurred on the construction site of an apartment building on Maple Avenue. The worker was performing a task on one of the “higher floors” of the four story building and fell to the ground. Emergency responders were alerted and came to the building only to find that the worker was dead upon their arrival. CBS reported a similarly tragic accident that occurred in June of 2016 when another worker was killed on the job. At a commercial construction site near Berkshire Lake Boulevard, a dump truck that was delivering materials began to roll towards the worker. No one was aware of the truck’s movement, and it ended up pinning the worker to the ground and crushing him. There is no further information about the cause of these accidents; however, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will investigate.  

Although the cause of these deaths is not yet available to the public,  it is possible and even likely that another individual’s careless or negligent behavior added to the risk that these workers were already facing and potentially caused their accident. After an event such as this, these worker’s family members and other loved ones are facing significant emotional pain as well as possible financial suffering, due to this accident. They should not have to face this loss at all, and they certainly should not be held responsible for the financial damages this accident has caused.

Nothing will be able to bring back these individuals or prevent these families from grieving this loss. However, they can seek financial compensation for their losses, that can help them remain financially stable and begin to recover from this devastating loss. With the help of Dallas area personal injury attorneys, like The Benton Law Firm, these families can file a lawsuit against the company or other individuals involved, which may help them manage the financial burden this accident has caused. No amount of financial compensation can heal the pain these families are feeling, however, and we must all work to make construction sites a safer place to work.

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