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Common Office Accidents and Injuries

Posted by on Jun 6, 2017

Common Office Accidents and Injuries

Workplace accidents are never good news. They may injure you enough to prevent you from going to work, resulting into financial damages in the form of medical bills and lost wages. But contrary to popular belief, workplace accidents can also happen in typical office spaces. They don’t just occur on hazardous work areas like construction sites and factories.

According to the website of The Benton Law Firm, those who have been hurt in workplace accidents may get compensation, especially if the accidents have been triggered by the negligence of the employers. But this does not mean that employees should not be careful on their own. They should know the most common office accidents and injuries so they can make their own safety measures to prevent them.

Appliances and Equipment Accidents

Office appliances like coffeemakers only require one mistake for an accident to occur. Burn injuries come to mind. Office equipment, such as overheating desktops and laptops, also pose the same threats. There may also be instances where the appliances and equipment are the ones at fault, especially if they are defective.

Ergonomics Issues

Not all workplace injuries come from violent accidents, as some are often sustained quietly, such as when an employee stays in an uncomfortable position for too long and damages his neck, back, and wrists. These injuries are often associated with the poor design of the workplace.

Lifting Accidents

Office workers typically don’t get involved with construction equipment and other potentially heavy materials, but they are still vulnerable to lifting injuries, particularly in the back and arms. These can be sustained by improperly handling piled up documents, cabinets, and shelves.

Slipping, Tripping, and Falling

Employees may be too busy at work that they come to the point where they become inattentive to their surroundings. They may slip and fall because of slippery substances like spilled drinks and air conditioner leaks. They may also trip because of obstructions such as opened cabinets and loose cables, and defective furnishings like worn carpets and rugs. These accidents can be strong enough to cause head, neck, back, and hip problems, and worse, they may even cause fractures, especially in the arm or leg area.

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